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Charlotte Guide

heya all ^.^

Charlotte Guide
she is one of the new pets released in version 3.0.If u wanna get other 2 pets in version

3.0 u MUST complete charlotte quest first, so she is an important pet.
She is wind element, and here is her skills

a team of 50-60 is suggested and a water support of good HP(800+)- im not sure about this team, its kinda hard for warriors with less mdef , may be for this lvl of mages they can handle it, the best way is just see the HP of monsters and think little bit and decide ur team

and earth user with terrafiction and as fire guy with hot fire is very usefull

well, u need to travel little bit and move around a lot to get her hahahahhah
its doesnt matter how u travel, with jalor,boat,ship vouchers or whatever ahahahha,but in

the map i have shown routes for 2 boats methods (using 1 boat or 2 is ur choice XD)

first u need to go snowisland (follow world map above in red) and goto 5F and talk to fairy

as shown on the map, now REMEMBER to keep space for a pet ,becuase when u talk, direction

fairy will join your team

now go to Bangkok(shown on world map in green) then goto the bangkok forest area near the

temple ,then follow the map1 to Angkor


now follow map2,into Angor maze, click that gold plate shown on map2, after u click it move

upstairs then direction fairy will ask to leave you ,select yes and go into main town path

of angkor


red circle is referred as left side building in this guide and blue circled building is referred as main building

Once ur in Angkor, go to the building on left side of main building, and follow map3 to fairy leader.Once u are there talk to her and she ask to find charlotte.Now move back to

previous map and follow part 2 of map3 to the top of the mountain, and Jump from there!


after the jump u see a cave goin and talk to monster there,then charlotte comes and fool

the monster XDXD(its a funny conversation^.^)

Now go outa cave and ask charlotte to take u up the cliff. Next follow map2 again and go

talk to fairy leader, then she ask to get something("Ma Stone")


Now go back to Angkor main building and follow map4 to fight location
(remember to get the green key shown on map,this key is NEEDED to EVA quest)


u have to fight a monster of lvl 110 and HP = 15000 and two small supports lvl 105 with HP

= 5500-6000. REMEMBER when each of this small one dies a new mosnter spwans for 2 times (upper monster) or once(lower monster)

so TOTAL u have to fight 1 lvl 110 (HP=15000) and 5 lvl 105 (HP=5500-6000)

these small ones may use sleep skill so try kill water first which is the bottom monsters(since it spawns once this makes fight easy)

after the fight go back to fairy leader and talk to her, then charlotte joins the team.

u can go play this mini-game and if u win u get a ring +200 speed and +MaxHP 200(see the ring in first image in the guide)

i would like to thank lrenne for the image of key which i forgot to take hahaha and for her guid's help when i was lost roaming around trying to find fairy leader ahahhahXD
also wanna thank other firends who helped me in the quest
i hope u like my 300th post here, please tell me if u have any corrections or suggestions
also if u have difficulty in understanding these maps please tell me